International Women's Day 2022

recognising the health of women through natural and holistic naturopathy on International Women's Day 2022. Break the Bias of Healthcare today
International Women's Day 2022

“To achieve beauty, a woman must first achieve health” Elizabeth Arden

Today is @internationalwomensday_global, an important day recognising and celebrating the social, economic, cultural, political, scientific and further achievements of women globally.

At Husk Naturopathy, we consider every day is a day for women. Our sole focus is on the health needs of women. The day reminds us that our work is crucial in the care and improvement of women's health, as we navigate through different stages of life.

#breakthebias is the 2022 theme. It is relevant to Husk Naturopathy as we believe that breaking the bias can only be achieved with true commitment from all of us. Our commitment is to listen to and understand our clients, serve their needs, and offer a holistic and natural healthcare solutions to improve their lives. Our vision is to be a lifetime partner for women through every stage of life.

Husk Naturopathy values womanhood. Wishing you and the generations to come good health.

Mel x

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