The Origins of Husk

Our Outer Husk Reflects Our Inner World.


Hello, I’m Mel, The Founder and Senior Naturopath at Husk Naturopathy. 

My skin story started with cystic acne, perioral dermatitis, three types of eczema, fungal skin infections, autoimmune and full body rashes, face swelling and hospital visits due to topical steroid withdrawal and topical steroid skin addiction.

‍I went through it all.

I tried endless medications and about every product from the GP. I spent thousands of dollars on dermatologists, naturopaths, Chinese medicine practitioners, energetic practitioners, and psychics, all hoping to relieve my skin's constantly worsening condition.

My most difficult and challenging time was when I was deep in topical steroid withdrawal.

I had months of sleepless nights, constant itch, burning skin, skin flaking, anxiety and depression. I felt isolated, confused and in utter despair. My skin condition impacted my wedding day, my honeymoon, my relationships, my mental health and my career.


I developed a holistic healing method that considers…

  • Energetics, mindset, self-talk
  • Foundational principles of true health
  • A thorough, expansive understanding of root cause functional medicine proper holistic investigations
  • The true impacts and side effects of pharmaceutical medications

I have made it my mission to share this knowledge and bring relief to those who are going through this same experience.

And now, through my 20-year career in health and wellbeing and 8 years as a skin focused naturopath, I witness the most heart-warming skin-healing (and life-healing) journeys.

Being able to help women feel confident in their physical bodies to fall back in love with themselves unconditionally is why I get up and do what I do every day.

And I’d love to help you achieve the glowing confidence you deserve!

Your body is a wonderful ecosystem of organisms working together to help you experience life around you.

Unfortunately, modern society puts us under a lot of stress and pressure, which can wreak havoc on your gut, hormones and overall health.

Maybe you’ve tried to heal yourself in the past, with little support or success, leaving you back at square one.

It can feel like everything is against you. Even if you feel defeated, at your wit's end and ready to give up.

At Husk, we make sure you never feel alone.

We aim to build a lifelong relationship with you, empowering you to achieve your healthiest self through holistic and natural remedies. 

Meet The Team


Mel is the founder and Senior Naturopath at HUSK Naturopathy.

She is a Naturopathic Skin Expert, and it’s her mission to get to the root cause of your skin concerns.

She is a degree qualified Naturopath with many years of clinical experience in treating chronic and debilitating skin conditions. Not only is skin health her clinical speciality, she also has first hand experience in how life altering skin issues can be, having experienced (and resolved) her own acne, eczema, topical steroid withdrawal, perioral dermatitis and autoimmune skin conditions. 

Her inside-out approach to healing your skin involves a detailed intake; assessment of your whole body (physical, mental and emotional) health; referral for, and analysis of, general and functional pathology. She specialises in gut and hormonal health, as these are the two systems most commonly associated with problematic skin. Mel also helps her clients successfully transition off oral contraception, oral and topical antibiotics and oral and topical steroids.

By addressing imbalances, deficiencies and dysfunction internally, the flow on effects to your skin are life-changing!

Mel uses an online naturopathic dispensary called to prescribe your supplements that get delivered to your door. She also creates custom blended nutritional compounds and herbal tinctures that get express posted straight to you.

Degree certified
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