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My Skin Story


My skin story includes cystic acne, perioral dermatitis, three types of eczema, fungal skin infections, autoimmune and full body rashes, face swelling and hospital visits due topical steroid withdrawal and topical steroid skin addiction.


I tried all the medications and all the products from the GP, spent a fortune on Dermatologists, visited Naturopaths, Chinese Medicine Practitioners and had visits to energetic practitioners and psychics, all in the hope of getting some relief from the constant debilitating condition of my skin.


My most difficult and challenging time was when I had no idea that I was deep in topical steroid withdrawal. I had never been trained in it and I had never even heard of it. I had months of sleepless nights, constant itch, burning skin, skin flaking, anxiety and depression. I felt isolated, confused and was in utter despair. My skin condition impacted on my wedding day, my honeymoon, my relationships, my mental health and my career.

I want you to know, that I know, what it feels like to go through chronic and sustained skin trauma.
I want you to know that in time, I worked it out and I worked out how to heal my skin from the inside out & the outside in.

I worked out what had to happen in order for true, lasting skin healing to occur. I developed a method that considers

-  energetics, mindset, self-talk

-  foundational principles of true health

-  a thorough, expansive understanding of root cause functional medicine
    proper holistic investigations

-  the true impacts and side effects of pharmaceutical medications

Now my mission is to share this knowledge and to bring relief to those of you who are going through these same shared experiences. Through my work, I now bear witness to the most incredible skin healing journeys. Please reach out, know that together, we’ve got this x

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My Qualifications
I’m a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Educator & Mentor


I’ve worked in the wellness industry as a Women’s Health Advocate since 1995

I’m a degree qualified Naturopath with a Bachelor in Health Science

I graduated with an award for ‘Excellence in Clinic’

-  I’ve held an academic placement as Senior clinical teaching facilitator/Tutor

-  Additional training in skin and hair conditions

-  Extensive training in general pathology assessment

-  Extensive training in private pathology gut & hormone testing

-  Member NHAA

-  I am an energetic & intuitive healer

-  I have qualifications in massage, aromatherapy, homeopathy, flower essences & reiki