Hair Naturopathy takes an Integrative & Holistic Approach to Hair Loss & Scalp Conditions.


Just as I address your internal health to treat skin, same goes for beautiful, strong, lustrous hair. Hair Loss & Scalp Conditions can happen at any age and the effects can be devastating!

Common Conditions

Female pattern hair loss

Androgenic alopecia

Alopecia areata

Hair density alterations


Fungal Scalp Conditions


Oily scalp


Scalp Acne

Dry, limp, lacklustre hair

Hair Naturopathy works to

Treat the cause!

Find out exactly what type of hair loss is occurring

Determine the source of your itchy, flaky scalp

Find & address your triggers

Stop things from getting any worse!

Hair Naturopathy can also support your body through

Hair loss due to medications


Pregnancy hair loss


Perimenopause l Menopause |Andropause (Male menopause) hair loss


Post chemotherapy hair loss

So let me help you take the guess work out of what’s going on and get to the ROOT cause!