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Mentoring: Skin Focused Naturopaths & Nutritionists

My first gig after graduating from my Naturopathy degree, was at the Southern School of Natural Therapies as a Senior Clinical Teaching Facilitator and Tutor for final year Naturopathy students. I wrote content for the theory & lecture component and then supported the students in Clinic with their real-life cases. Since then and while working in the best Dermaviduals skincare clinics, I have trained and mentored Naturopaths and Nutritionists in my unique Radiant Skin 3 Phase Treatment Approach.

Many of my mentees are online based, working in isolation, wrought with imposter syndrome and are really unsure of what direction to take. They are unsure of how to find their flow with their skin, hormone and gut cases. They may be working in or with skin clinics, may have limited experience and are looking for a mentor with extensive experience in skin conditions, to look over their cases. After only a few sessions, there is a such a significant growth in confidence! To witness the evolution of these amazing practitioners is incredible and to watch them flourish has been a highlight of my career.

Mentoring sessions with me are guided by you and can include:

-  Skin, gut, hormone, scalp & hair cases

-  How to start out in skin

-  How to niche your business and focus on your strengths

-  Final year Naturopathy mentoring

"Melissa was so helpful in helping me decide and navigate the next best steps were to take in my nutrition business. She provided such practical tips and insight into starting up as a practitioner, with such an encouraging and supportive approach, definitely what I needed at the time.
I would highly recommend Melissa for any new graduates or practitioners starting out and looking for helpful, honest, and practical support."
Education & Referrals: Skin Clinics & Hair Salons
It’s all about Education & Collaboration


If you are a Corneotherapist using the Dermaviduals skincare range and are seeing chronic and complex skin conditions that are not budging on skincare alone, Reach Out! Let me complement the incredible work you are doing externally by finding the answers to these tricky cases internally. I am a Naturopathic Gut and Hormone specialist, so use my expertise in Cystic Acne, Post-Pill Acne, Peri-Oral Dermatitis, Atopic Eczema, Topical Steroid Withdrawal, Rosacea and Psoriasis to get your beautiful clients glowing from the inside out!


Simply email me at melissa@husknaturopathy.com.au if you would like me to send you an information pack and to find out about the commissions I offer.


Myself and my team of skin therapists met with Melissa via ZOOM recently to discuss referring clients with problematic skin for naturopathy services.  Melissa was a wealth of knowledge and at the end of the meeting we all wanted to book with her personally!  
She thoroughly explained their naturopathy process that our referred clients would undertake.  She answered numerous questions we had resulting in our business being more than happy to refer clients on when they need internal help.  
We already have feedback from clients about how comprehensive Melissa is.  One client said she had an hour long ZOOM very in-depth session and sent pathology tests for analysis and that ‘pretty much the pair of you together are ideal!

Veronica & Team

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